Work of Kumai Kyoko


| 11 | Works of Japan Craft Exhibition

In 1968 I came across a beautiful piece of cloth. The mysterious construction of threads drew me into The world of weaving. 
From 1975 I have been using metallic materials to make cloths with curved surface. The se 50 years I have been making things by The techniques of weaving,sewing,knitting,twisting and oThe rs. They are drawings of myriads of Gods that I had felt in Japanese nature,"YAOYOROZU-NO-KAMI". I have been celebrating The m. From 1975 I have been exhibiting my works at Japan Craft Exhibition. They are opened at MATSUYA-GINZA till 2003, MARUNOUCHI BUILDING HALL till 2013, From 2014 MIDTOWN DISIGN HUB Roppongi Tokyo.